Tips on how to choose the Perfect Gift for Anyone and Everyone, and sending it by Gift Hamper of Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are very popular these days and now come in various shapes and sizes, not just a regular box or basket anymore. You can now personalize your gifts and choose which items to include and how to package the gift.

Most Gift Hamper Companies will cover their products and boxes with their company logo. Corporate Gift Hampers will boast your own company logo. Thanking your clients for their loyalty and also advertising your company.

You can, however, built your own Gift Hampers without the help of a Gift Hamper Company. You decide what items to include in the basket and also how to package and decorate it. Some Gift Hamper Companies will allow you to choose your own personalized Gift Hampers and will only include a card, advertising themselves.

10 Tips on Building a Gift Basket, Christmas Hamper and a Gourmet Christmas Gift Hamper that shows the Essence of the Celebration

Any Gift Basket or Gift Hamper is sent with a Purpose of Celebrating some kind of Event. Whatever, this event may be, it should be visible in your gift together with your personal loving touch.

7 Tips to Personalize your Gift while Celebrating the Event

1. Firstly think of the Person Receiving this Gift: You must include products and items that you’re Recipient love. Does he or she have a hobby? Include Hobby stuff. Does he or she like to read, or maybe they like watching movies? Whether it is your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, a child or your Husband or Wife, the neighbour next door or your Colleague at work, your Fiancé, or your Friend, include something that reflects their personality and life experiences.

2. Secondly, think of yourself: This is a Gift from you to someone well known, or even someone, just met. Either way, you are sending them a Gift Basket or Gift Hamper, and this Gift should state: “This is a Special Gift Basket from Me.” “I am thinking about you.” Include things that will show that it is your Gift to them. Something that shows your personality, the way you think, or a special link, should be added to your selection.

3. Choose a Unique Container: Think of what your Gift Recipient might need or maybe use afterwards. A neatly grafted wooden box, a picnic basket, a woven bag or a ceramic platter, might all be useful afterwards. Take into account what your Recipient will likely use again. Also fill up the open spaces between products or items, with an attractive filler. For instance, Crinkle paper, tissue paper, dried flower petals or shredded newspaper, will do the job, effectively.

4. Include something out of the ordinary: You chose your theme for the Gift Basket, but now, add something that is quite the opposite. You might have chosen to fill your Gift Hamper or Gift Basket with Chocolates and Cookies, now add an unrelated item, like a coffee mug. Or, you filled your basket with rich body creams and bath oils, and then add a glass bowl filled with candy. Unrelated, but fun, should be the outcome.

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5. Make the Gift an Event: Organize your items in such a way that when you find one item, you should feel that there is more to be found. Give your arrangement of products an adventurous feel.

6. Create something that is Easy on the Eye: Create a Gift that will draw the eye and also pleases the soul, just through looking at it. Make sure all your items are well spaced and that your filler and basket goes together like a ‘horse and carriage’. Thus, create eye candy. Create Something Wonderful to look at.

7. Finishing Touches are just as important as the enclosed items: You created an aesthetically beautiful Gift Basket or Gift Hamper. Your items and container form a unit. The finishing touches should compliment it all. Depending on the occasion or event celebrated, you can add a Christmas ornament or a little organza bag filled with truffles, an exquisitely grafted bow, or just a handmade greeting card.

Always make a gift an event. Receiving your gift right at their door, at the precise moment, can be very exciting. Unwrapping and revealing the contents of a gift parcel should feel like a treasure hunt. Therefore always try to give an exciting experience when giving a Gift Basket or a Gift Hamper.

Tips on choosing the perfect Christmas Hampers for friends and family

To choose the perfect gift there are a few facts you need to consider. You need to decide if your gift is going to be personal, for each a separate gift, or a family or group gift. In either case, you need to consider the person, or persons, receiving your gift.

Firstly, know your recipient, or recipients. Everyone likes food and drink, but not everyone likes the same kind of food and drink. You need to know what the recipient of the parcel likes most. For the sweet tooth, focus on chocolates, cookies and sweet stuff, for the salty/savoury lovers, there is cheese, salt crackers etc.

Remember to choose the kind of packaging that will set your gift apart. There usually are a few different styles you can choose from to package your gift before sending. Choosing a wooden crate with lid or a woven basket can make your gift more interesting as well as multipurpose because you can use the container too.

Do not wait to the last minute. Panic pay can limit your choices and you might encounter problems with delivering on time.

Check the Delivery dates. Always make sure that the parcel can and will be delivered on the date you need it to be delivered. You might need to send it a bit earlier to be on time, rather than being late altogether. Not delaying your order to the last minute will be beneficial regarding the dates of delivery, too.

Remember that your gift should celebrate the occasion. All the components of your gift should be focused on the occasion that is important to the recipient at that moment in time. For instance, Christmas hampers should celebrate Christmas the way the recipient deems important.

A special Christmas Gift Hamper is an ultimate way to spoil family and friends over the Festive Season. It is always a special event, receiving a beautifully made package, covered with Christmas paper and decorations, delivered right to your doorstep.